Criminal Defense Veterans Join WHB

Irvine, Calif. (July 10, 2013) – Wilson Harvey Browndorf LLP is pleased to announce the addition of a new partner to its Criminal Law division.

Christopher L. Palmer, a University of Arkansas School of Law Alumni, is the first of the two additions to the WHB team. Christopher brings extensive legal experience consisting of mediation, family law, mortgage banking/real estate litigation, and criminal defense. He gained early trial experience while in the office of the prosecuting attorney. He served as a division chief over the drug task force and the division tasked with the responsibility of evaluating and prosecuting cases involving sexual assault and domestic violence. During his 28 years of practice, he has tried numerous cases from the perspective of prosecution and defense and before the state and federal bar.

Additionally, Christopher is a member of the Pulaski County Bar Association; Arkansas Bar Association; American Bar Association; Tennessee Bar Association; Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers; Association of Trial Lawyers of America; William Overton and Henry Woods Inns of Court.

Christopher has also served on the Judicial Nominations Committee and on the Board for the Pulaski County Bar Foundation. He has also served as Chairman of the State Public Defender Commission, a position that he was appointed to by the governor, and also recently received a second appointment to serve as a member of the Jail Standards Review Committee.

With the addition of Christopher L. Palmer, WHB continues to rapidly grow and expand into numerous areas of practice.

WHB Merger Results in a Powerful Addition to its Insurance Defense Division

Irvine, Calif. (July 10, 2013) – Wilson Harvey Browndorf LLP is pleased to announce its acquisition of Stafford & Associates, resulting in the addition of Timothy J. Stafford, who will be heading the Insurance Defense division.

Timothy is highly experienced and seasoned in numerous areas insurance defense, including personal injury, medical malpractice, employment/wrongful termination/discrimination, premises liability, governmental tort liability, “bad faith” insurance, and general liability.

After graduating from Southwestern School of Law, Timothy joined Beam and DiCaro as a civil trial litigator and represented defendants in personal injury, medical malpractice, employment and labor law, general liability, insurance “bad faith” defense, construction defect litigation, and premises liability.

In 1980, Timothy became a partner in Beam, DiCaro, D’Antony & Stafford where he handled complex multi-party litigation in governmental tort liability. He also practiced in employment/wrongful termination/discrimination cases, insurance “bad faith”, premises liability, legal malpractice, medical malpractice defense, hospital malpractice, hospital medical staff privilege liability, product liability, general auto liability, land subsidence and construction defect litigation.

Timothy later founded Stafford & Associates in Santa Ana, California, where he continued his insurance defense practice until he joined WHB. Timothy brings unmatched trial experience and wisdom, which has resulted in consideration for judicial appointment.

Merger to Create Commercial Litigation Powerhouse

Irvine, Calif. (April 12, 2013) – The principal partners of Wilson & Associates, PLLC (W&A), and BP Law Group, LLP (BP) are pleased to announce the founding of the new law firm partnership, Wilson Harvey Browndorf LLP.

Wilson & Associates, a law firm headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, with offices throughout Arkansas and Tennessee was founded in 1978 by the late Robby Wilson (1952 – 2012) to focus on the needs of banks and mortgage servicers.

Jennifer Wilson-Harvey is the Managing Partner of Wilson & Associates and has led the Firm since 2005. W&A is a founding member of the USFN—America’s Mortgage Banking Attorneys; a member of Mortgage Banking Association; Legal League 100; American Legal & Financial Network (ALFN) and various other relevant legal, real estate, and industry associations.

BP Law Group, LLP is a NARCA (National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys) collection boutique founded in 2011 by Matthew C. Browndorf, a former Bryan Cave, LLP attorney to focus on the needs of private portfolio owners in the secured and unsecured collection of judgments. Mr. Browndorf is an accomplished New York litigator representing clients such as Bank of New York, Citigroup and is well known for his work in the TYCO criminal indictment and The People of New York v. L. Dennis Kozlowski. BP Law Group is primarily based in New York, New York; has offices in Irvine, California and practices in over 20 states.

In 2012, while handling over 20 mergers and acquisitions and multiple complex litigations in New York, Florida, Colorado, Arkansas and California; Jennifer Wilson- Harvey and Matthew Browndorf conceptualized the creation of Wilson Harvey Browndorf to manage the commercial litigation, merger & acquisition and complex and regulatory components of the legal work that BP Law and Wilson & Associates handled. Wilson & Associates Managing Partner, Jennifer Wilson-Harvey stated “With combined depths of experiences in Mergers & Acquisitions, Commercial Litigation and Regulatory matters, we are excited to launch Wilson Harvey Browndorf to provide innovative legal solutions to our clients.” While BP Law Group Managing Partner, Matthew Browndorf observed, “We want to focus our traditional brands—Wilson & Associates and BP Law Group—on their core practice areas of real estate and collections while creating a new brand to focus on the more complex and sophisticated demands and strategies of our mutual clients.”

Mr. Browndorf and Mrs. Wilson-Harvey will share the management of Wilson Harvey Browndorf with Browndorf serving as CEO and Wilson-Harvey filling the COO position. Mr. Browndorf will also continue as Managing Partner of BP Law Group and Ms. Wilson-Harvey will continue as Managing Partner of Wilson & Associates.

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