Civil Demand Associates, Inc. Announces Janice McCort Vice President of Business Development

IRVINE, Calif.–()–Civil Demand Associates, Inc. (CDA), today announced the appointment of Janice McCort as vice president of business development. McCort brings decades of experience in retail loss prevention to the nation’s oldest, most established civil recovery firm. The announcement comes on the heels of CDA’s recent acquisition by Irvine, California-based BP Law Group, LLP in February 2015. By expanding CDA’s executive leadership and, now with access to BP Law Group’s extensive network and resources, CDA will expand its reach in the retail sector and enhance solutions and services for its clients.

A seasoned loss prevention professional, McCort brings a respected background in civil recovery and retail executive management to the company. She has held high-level positions within multiple May Department Store divisions including: Hecht’s, O’Neil’s, May-Ohio, May-CA and Robinson’s-May. Most recently, she served as a loss prevention and risk management consultant for specialty retailers and independent retail contractors. Prior to that, McCort spent five years heading up business development for a civil recovery firm.

“Civil Demand Associates is honored to bring Janice McCort on board,” said Frank Luciano, CDA’s president and chief executive officer. “With more than 30 years of experience in loss prevention, Janice’s proven knowledge and demonstrated ability to foster client-partners closely aligns with CDA’s vision of expanding its reach and offering of superior services to an even broader segment of retailers in need of support and expertise in civil recovery matters.”

Expanded Executive Team Fosters CDA Growth, Client Service Offerings

McCort will join CDA’s leadership in the further development of programs and solutions to reach new clients, bringing the company’s dedicated focus and stellar reputation in civil recovery practices and collection services to a wider audience. CDA, a pioneer in its industry, was formed in 1987 to help retailers effectively and affordably recover loss from theft while helping to deter shoplifting and employee dishonesty. The company has continued to pave the way and achieve numerous milestones in the industry. CDA was the first to specialize in retail theft cases, accept electronic transmission, offer online case management, offer automated court restitution collections and demand point.

“BP Law Group, LLP acquired CDA based on its strong reputation in the civil recovery industry,” said Matthew Browndorf, founder and chairman of Plutos Sama, parent company of BP Law Group, LLP and its subsidiary CDA. “Our ability to strengthen Civil Demand Associates through shared resources, applying our legal and compliance expertise poises this company for tremendous growth.”

As a subsidiary of BP Law Group, LLP, CDA will now have the network and power to fulfill its industry demands. In addition to an extended team of attorneys and legal professionals, CDA will have access to a call center and a more cost-effective ability to achieve compliance standards critical the loss prevention industry.

About Civil Demand Associates, Inc.Formed in 1987, Civil Demand Associates is the nation’s oldest, most established civil recovery firm. As a pioneer and first in the field of civil demand and restitution, the company has achieved numerous industry milestones. CDA was the first to specialize in retail theft cases, accept electronic transmission, offer online case management, offer automated court restitution collections and demand point. In addition, they are the first to offer civil collections on vendor fraud and employee procurement, collections on external cases, court ordered restitution, promissory note collection(s) on dishonest employee cases, and automated the letter generation process. In February 2015, CDA became part of Irvine, Calif.-based BP Law Group, LLP as a wholly owned subsidiary. For more information, visit or To learn more about CDA’s parent company Plutos Sama, LLC and to see its corporate portfolio, visit:

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