A Family of Companies

Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP

Wilson Keadjian Browndorf, LLP (“WKB”) is a full-service law firm. Its partners are former partners, counsel and associates from the largest U.S. law firms and Fortune 500 companies with expertise in business law, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and dispute resolution, and international transactions.

Our lawyers are as creative in their approach to solution-oriented transactions as they are efficient in their fee and billing approaches.

WKB partners with clients to deploy flat fee structures and unbundled legal fees allowing for corporate fiscal planning and certainty in legal fee planning. WKB is here to help companies gain competitive advantage, sustain innovations and successfully manage rapid growth where proper groundwork and execution are essential.

Plutos Capital Group, LLC (“PCG”) is the investment banking subsidiary of Plutos Sama, LLC. PCG’s investment banking executives have over five decades of IB experience and will focus on middle market companies with revenues ranging from 10 to 500 million dollars. The banks executive experience includes valuation, corporate finance, restructuring, turnarounds, M&A, divestitures, debt and equity financing, private funds, and structured product. PCG will work to maximize enterprise value and provide liquidity options to business owner(s).

Extensive industry experience allows companies to capitalize on PCG’s relationships, which include thousands of financial sponsors and strategic investors. PCG will work with business owners advising them on mergers and acquisitions (sell and buy side), corporate finance (equity and debt), recapitalizations and restructurings, real estate acquisitions and financing, valuation, and business development consulting.

Distressed Capital Management, LLC

Distressed Capital Management, LLC (“DCM”) is an emerging asset manager focused on real estate development, securitization and performing and nonperforming commercial and residential real estate loans (“NPLs”). DCM utilizes BP Fisher Law Group for loss mitigation of portfolios and WKB for securitization and structured product solutions with major Wall Street banks and Placement Agents. DCM currently manages over $330mm USD in Assets Under Management (“AUM”), with $220mm USD in existing portfolios of residential NPLs, $110mm USD in existing performing commercial loans, $120mm USD in mandates for NPLs and accesses an additional $250mm USD in leverage for a combined purchasing power of $700mm USD.

DCM boasts top talent with a management team responsible for over $30b USD in securitizations and best exemplifies the vertical integration of Plutos Sama in its cross-utilization of services with WKB and BP Fisher Law Group. For instance, DCM is often called on to structure products and financial solutions for WHB clients and Plutos Sama.

DCM also manages multiple special purpose vehicles, including a joint venture with a real estate development company specializing in residential home building with over $350mm USD in annual revenues. DCM partnerships also give it and other Plutos Sama companies access to some of the largest hotel and hospitality companies around the world.

Distressed Capital Management (“DCM”), a California based group of mortgage foreclosure lawyers and distressed mortgage asset managers, and Residential Mortgage Solution (“RMS”), a California based credit risk manager and technology platform, together launched a joint venture to take advantage of investment opportunities in distressed home loans securing Central and Eastern European (“CEE”) properties and have deemed the venture to be called Resolution Capital Management (RCM). DCM and RMS currently, and successfully, co-manage significant asset portfolios of U.S. based distressed mortgages formerly owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland.

Both DCM and RMS are actively engaged in all aspects of the U.S distressed residential mortgage market and together co-bid highly competitive asset auctions held by FNMA, Freddie Mac, HUD and domestic money center banks. The firms have strong relationships with the major investment house participating in the U.S domestic distressed asset space. DCM and RMS routinely work with all the major investment houses.

BP Fisher Law Group, LLP

BP Fisher Law Group, LLP is an “AV” rated law firm and national leader in default services, representing servicers, banks, financial institutions and private investors in connection with the resolution of their delinquent secured commercial and residential real estate mortgage portfolios. BP Fisher Law Group has built a tailor made liquidation platform based on decades of experience to support the needs of its institutional and private equity clients. The firm’s mission is to ensure that free, clear and marketable titles are conveyed from sellers to buyers. The firm has an REO Department that offers settlement/closing services to make your residential, commercial real estate purchase or refinance transaction trouble-free.

BP Fisher Law Group saw the needs of its clients and created a national counsel network with offices throughout most of the United States and an ability to act as national counsel in all states through our counsel network.  BP Fisher Law Group boasts a state-of-the-art 33 seat call center operating out of the Irvine, CA office created to conduct asset management strategies with commercial and residential property owners.

The attorneys of BP Fisher Law Group pride themselves on their focus, their dedication to keeping abreast of the astonishing pace of legislative, regulatory and judicial change in this industry, their commitment to share their knowledge with their clients and their easy accessibility to their clients. The attorneys have decades of combined experience. Among them are leaders in the course and development of foreclosure law in the state, lecturers and teachers of foreclosure and real estate related topics to the industry, and litigators of the current issues of the day relating to foreclosure.

BP Fisher Law Group is a member of NARCA (National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys), ACA (American Creditor’s Association), Legal League 100, ALFN (Americal Legal & Financial Network), MBa (Mortgage Bankers Association) and SFIG (Structured Finance Industry Group).

BP Peterman Law Group, LLC provides a full range of default management services to its mortgage banking and mortgage servicing clients throughout most of the United States. The Firm has been active in the industry since the 1990’s and continues to provide its clients with default services including: foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, loss mitigation, mediation and litigation.

The firm’s mission is to ensure that free, clear and marketable titles are conveyed from sellers to buyers. The firm has an REO Department that offers settlement/closing services to make your residential, commercial real estate purchase or refinance transaction trouble-free.

BP Peterman Law Group incorporates a high level of technology into its legal practice and recognizes that a personalized team approach is also equally vital to providing excellent legal services. The attorneys of the Firm are leaders in the course and development of foreclosure law, lecturers and teachers of foreclosure and real estate related topics to the industry, and litigators of the current issues of the day relating to foreclosure. The Firm is experienced with FNMA, FHLMC and other GSE loan types; likewise, its staff is trained and experienced to handle a multitude of other file types referred via loan originators and loan servicers.

Civil Demand Associates, Inc.

CDA houses data in a
SOC 2 Type II location

Civil Demand Associates, Inc. (”CDA”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of BP Fisher Law Group, LLP, and was founded in 1987. CDA is the nation’s oldest established civil recovery and employee restitution processing firm of its kind. The organization manages shoplifting and dishonest employee recovery programs so clients can focus on what they do best. CDA works closely with the attorneys of BP Fisher Law Group, LLP and technology partners across the nation to ensure an effective collection effort at all levels. With over 25 years in business, CDA has become the premier industry standard and home to over 150 clients, from individual stores to Fortune 500 chains, and includes department stores, food services, and grocery chains. Whatever our client’s size or market area, CDA creates a customized program that puts them first.

CDA was conceived as a reliable way of outsourcing and integrating case management involving thousands of case files for review, processing, and collection for its retail loss prevention department clients. CDA offers a combination of experience in the fields of retail loss prevention, marketing, civil law, and law enforcement. CDA’s affiliation with its parent company, BP Fisher Law Group, LLP, brings to bear the legal expertise of a national creditors’ rights law firm and increases the value offered to each client.

Rusama Limited, LLC

Rusama Limited, LLC (“Rusama”), is the most recent addition to the group of Plutos Sama portfolio companies. In response to our clients’ needs to gain access to and off land oil and gas, Rusama was created to serve as both a development company as well as a trading platform. Representing clients in the Middle East, China and the United States, Rusama also prides itself on bringing a level of ethics and standards normally not available for our smaller and mid-sized clients. Rusama derives its skills from its roots and experience in law and representation of major oil companies.

Our management team is derived from one of the oldest energy law firms in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and has represented clients in the following areas: drafting drilling contracts, participation agreements, pooling and unitization agreements, joint operating agreements, farm-in and farm-out agreements, master service agreements and site access agreements; drafting and reviewing leases, mineral title assignments, easements and right-of-way agreements; structuring special financing arrangements such as overriding royalty interest, net profits interest and production payment arrangements. Federal Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency compliance is also a specialty; tariff hearings, title review, fuel supply agreements and tax, customs and related rights, as well. We also handle remediation of contaminated sites; ISRA, Clean Air, Clean Water, Federal Department of Transportation and Environmental Protection Agency and permit compliance. WHB of course handles all litigation including: disputes between interest holders in producing properties, contract and lease disputes and title controversies; cases arising from pipeline disputes, contracts and issues regulated by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission; land use and zoning litigation; environmental and toxic tort litigation resulting from agency enforcement action claims for natural resource or surface state damages or cases alleging deaths and injuries from exposure to toxic substances; as well as wrongful death and catastrophic injury litigation that stems from events at refineries, distribution terminals, gas plants, offshore rigs, pipeline operations and other exploration and production sites.

OC Legal Services, LLC (“OC Legal”) provides front and back-office support for law firm clients and companies utilizing the combined accounting and administrative support amassed from Plutos Sama and is able to funnel essential services through this Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) unit that allow the client to control costs, reduce risk, fortify their organization and increase efficiency.

OC Legal was formed on the philosophy that accounting and office administrative are essential functions for companies in an emerging phase, but are often cost centers that are rarely managed or scaled properly at an early stage of development. OC Legal answers this question by providing a complete outsourced solution. One of OC Legal’s largest clients is Plutos Sama and its portfolio companies.