The Plutos Sama Family of Companies Approves Peterman Acquisition

Irvine, Calif. – (May 4, 2016) Plutos Sama is seeking to add to its list of law firm holdings in the 2nd Quarter of 2016 as it has entered into negotiations for the acquisition of the J Peterman Legal Group Ltd., a law firm based out of Wisconsin and with satellite offices in Illinois and Indiana. The go ahead for the Peterman acquisition comes as no surprise, as Plutos Sama has continued to make aggressive moves in increasing its holdings.

“We are really excited about joining Plutos Sama”, stated James M. Peterman, President of J Peterman Legal Group Ltd., “This acquisition will provide us with the support needed to further develop and increase our Wisconsin caseload. Equally important, with the Firm being included into the BP Group, we can now expand our Illinois and Indiana portfolios and strengthen our presence in the Midwest Region.”

BP Law Group, LLP was the first creditor creditors’ rights law firm that settled under the Plutos Sama umbrella in 2013. Later, in June of 2015, Plutos Sama closed its acquisition of The Fisher Law Group, a default law firm in Maryland and the District of Columbia. With an already strong base in the Western region, the BP Fisher merger was able to expand the Plutos Sama portfolio into the Mid-Atlantic.

“Our acquisition strategy developed organically based on the unexpected growth of our law firms and our asset management company,” said Matthew C. Browndorf, founder and chairman of Plutos Sama, referencing Distressed Capital Management, LLC. “We are looking for one more acquisition in the Eastern region,” Browndorf announced last Friday, “with one last acquisition, it will ensure that we can service all of the judicial states.”

With the Peterman acquisition and the anticipated “BP Peterman” remodeling, coupled with an active pursuit for an acquisition in New York or New Jersey, Plutos Sama is clearly set on laying the foundation for a solid presence across the nation.


BP Fisher Law Group, LLP

BP Fisher Law Group, LLP is an “AV” rated law firm providing representation to servicers, banks, financial institutions and private investors in connection with the resolution of their delinquent secured commercial and residential real estate mortgage portfolios. The firm handles foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, seller representation for REO outsales and loss mitigation, as well as litigation. Both Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac have entered into Limited Retention Agreements with the firm for Maryland and the District of Columbia.  It is of the utmost importance to treat all people with whom the firm interacts, including ourselves, our clients, debtors, borrowers and court officials with courtesy, dignity and respect.  For more information please visit


J Peterman Legal Group Ltd.

J Peterman Legal Group Ltd. provides a full range of default management services to its mortgage banking and mortgage servicing clients throughout the States of Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana. The Firm has been active in the industry since the 1990’s and continues to provide its clients with default services including: foreclosure, bankruptcy, eviction, loss mitigation, mediation and litigation. JPLG is experienced with FNMA, FHLMC and other GSE loan types; likewise, its staff is trained and experienced to handle a multitude of other file types referred via loan originators and loan servicers. Although J Peterman Legal Group Ltd. has specifically incorporated a high level of technology into its legal practice, it also recognizes that a personalized team approach is also equally vital to providing excellent legal services.  For more information please visit